Run, run away very fast

Worst experience of my life.  DO not use High West Capital Partners for anything!  My loan agent, Chasen Nevett, is either totally incompetant or totally corrupt. He doesn’t respond to emails, or calls, has tried to cover up his lies with doctored emails, and this guy helped dump my shares without informing me, meaning I can never get them back.  

They take sleaze to a whole new level. Telling me everything was great, they could fix me up a great deal on a loan. I sent them some shares, it was all good, then he stopped answering my questions. And then stopped taking my calls. This went on for months. I looked online and had that sinking feeling looking at their website that looks like it was created by Stevie Wonder. 

Then I get to the end of the loan agreement and bang, Chasen appears from nowhere to tell me he doesn’t know how it happened (spoiler, he did), but they sold my shares. He figured there was a clause in the contract I broke. How? I don’t get it. 


DO NOT ever use this company. I am ashamed of myself for ever accepting their help. Don’t be an idiot, don’t use High West Capital Partners.