high west capital partners infamous try to hide their scam


High West Capital Partners is fucking borrowers and brokers?

Oh no! Someone is fucking you over like you’ve fucked borrowers and brokers out of hundreds of millions and you don’t like it?

High West Capital Partners “Offshore” Attorneys -Deacons can’t help?

Your attorney goons aren’t doing a good enough job taking down publications across all the major search engines?

Maybe they are as inept as you are.

Maybe you should tell them to issue more empty threats and pay off more websites not to release the truth about your company.

High West Capital Partners is now in full panic mode.

They can’t contain the truth from leaking any longer, so they decided to issue a public press release on the website that they are under attack from someone trying to ruin their reputation.

Their brokers have read the truth about the company and it’s spreading like wild fire.

There are many more surprises in store for High West Capital Partners with even more damning evidence.

Please stay tuned.

If you think that changing names or re-branding or using some other iteration of “West Capital” partners is going to save you, think again!