Are High West Capital Partners above the law?

These guys are about as crooked as it gets. Do not, DO NOT, enter into any dealings with them over shares and securities lending. They will ghost you. The scumbags even had the nerve to tell me they had sent notices before they sold my stock on the Hong Kong exchange. Incredible. What were they doing? How are they still operating? I don’t even know how the regulators allow this king of behavior. 

I was approved for a loan after lending them shares, and it was worth around $3m in total, I’m not Rockerfeller but it’s not exactly chicken scratch. Of course, I knew all the loopholes, like if I messed up, skipped a payment, whatever, it would default and they would be in their rights to sell the shares, but I missed nothing. At all. I didn’t default, and have the bank paperwork to show for it. So why on earth did they dump my stock? 

The worst part is they have now stopped responding. At the start they were all over me, now it’s like they never existed. I am taking legal advice, but now seeing what they have done to others it was important to get this information out there. High West Capital Partners are a fraudulent operation. They have no business in finance, they break their promises, lie, cheat, steal, then ghost you. 

It’s terrible, I cannot ever recall being ripped off like this, or seeing any of my friends or colleagues ripped off like this, in my life. How do they get away with it?