Well, well, well, look who is crying wolf now?

These pieces of shit decided to turn into a good guy and claim that they will “continue to ethically provide services to clients and Agents” and “appreciate those coming to their defense”. The absurdity and irony of these statements is hard to fathom.


No one is coming to your defense other than the sloppy attorney goons you sent to cover up your fraud. NO ONE! As the saying goes, “Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.”


Please continue to plummet the dark underbelly of the internet for “PR Clean Up” services.

We only wish you the best of luck and happy investing in these futile endeavors.

We are certain you will find more delectable surprises in store for you soon.


Do try to re-brand or offer loans under a different name, we’ll be sure to follow you there as well. It’s the least we can do given how charitable you have been with us.


How pitiful that you cry wolf “to stop this wrongful and illegal behavior” when you have destroyed so many borrowers and short changed so many agents. 




You are at the end of this road. You will not defraud anymore borrowers or agents, EVER. The few gullible agents and borrowers/clients that you have left will soon disappear as well.


~Season’s greetings and merriment to all!

This is petty despair of try to fix things and you can take a look on this link.