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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is honing in on a cluster of individuals connected to High West Capital Partners that it believes is bilking American and Asian companies of billions of dollars. FBI is working in tandem with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and partner agencies overseas, to bring Chasen Nevett, Jim Locke, Daniel Giancola, Allison Zeledon and other High West Capital Partners group members to justice for defrauding and manipulating borrowers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Their notorious scheme is to immediately sell borrower shares without permission, crash the stock, and then default borrower, before moving unto the next victim.

  • Freya Morley Testimonial about High West

Freya Morley Testimonial about High West Capital Partners


Run, run away very fast Worst experience of my life.  DO not use High West Capital Partners for anything!  My loan agent, Chasen Nevett, is either totally incompetant or totally corrupt. He doesn’t respond to emails, or calls, has tried to cover up ... Read more...

  • zeo french testimonial about high west capital

Zoe French Testimonial


Borrow shares, lend money, dump shares, vanish… that’s High West Capital Partners I need to share this because I cannot get my head around what has apparently happened. I have lent stocks in exchange for funding before, sometimes it works out better than ... Read more...

  • olivia chan testimonial about high west capital partners

Olivia Chan Testimonial about High West Capital


Are High West Capital Partners above the law? These guys are about as crooked as it gets. Do not, DO NOT, enter into any dealings with them over shares and securities lending. They will ghost you. The scumbags even had the nerve to ... Read more...

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