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Here some comments from people who asked help and turn to us.

Lenna Trevis from Ohio said following for High West Capital

“Ignoring complaints, stealing money

I’m not surprised to see so many negative reviews about this shady company. God forbid you or your guarantor fall into financial difficulty because they do not give a fling f… company does not care at all.. Not responded to the request within the one-month deadline of paying the loan off, have been ignoring my calls and emails. I got one automatic reply saying they would respond, and they have just disappeared with my shares. chasing. I’m five weeks down the line and there is no sign of them. They don’t appear to be regulated anywhere and I have no idea who I can complain to. They have my bank details and plenty of other stuff about me. They must have a lot to hide, I hope the feds are on their tail. I won’t be going away – but my warning to you is steer clear of High West Capital Partners, they will steal your livelihood!!”


Steven from Boston said:

Please, litigate these fraudsters into the Stone Age

Just when I thought I’d seen it all in 30 years of Wall Street, a new low for finance comes along in the form of High West Capital Partners.

These vultures take unprofessional, predatory activity to a new height. How do I know? I worked for them for 10 months. Through my career I only work with lenders I trust, and so it was through a “friend” who said these guys had made waves making complex transactions pretty easy. 

I got in touch regarding a transaction that needed some of their leverage, specifically around stock lending, which was their speciality, they told me.

All smooth in the beginning, everything paperwork related came in on time, and it didn’t seem like anything was up. Then after the loan was finalised, it was like they never existed. 

I like to check in on both sides of any deal from time to time, as that’s what has got me so far in business.

When one party doesn’t pick up… there’s a problem. The excuses started coming, telling me not to call them, they would call me, all that kind of stuff. I figured OK, well, at least the borrower got his loan, all fine and dandy, even if I don’t use them again.

My payment didn’t arrive on time. And it didn’t arrive the next week either. I asked them for it… nada. This made me sit up and take notice, and I started asking more questions and looking into the firm, and that’s when my heart almost stopped. 

These guys were up to their necks in old fraud cases, and doing this kind of thing again – vanishing with stock and not making good on payments. Seems they were involved in something back a few years ago where some other guys in the middle (like me) ended up in jail. 

Then, it all went south… I’ve been called to appear in criminal litigations and have been ripped apart by SEC and FBI executives rifling through my home. Have you any idea how scary that is when you’re just trying to do your job? Pouring my long-suffering wife a glass of wine and its like a damn TV show with agents in suits hammering at my door. I have had to hire legal representatives, and with a huge chunk of earnings missing I don’t know what is going to happen next, it’s pretty scary. My reputation is probably ruined too. The only thing that is keeping me going is the fury I feel and desire to get back what they owe me and see them behind bars.

Don’t get involved with High West Capital Partners. It’s unbelievable they have not been shut down. Stay away and don’t be like me.”

Lebron Diaz from Los Angeles wrote:

Broker’s worst nightmare

It’s easy to become blinded by money, I get it, but do not let dollars fool you into doing business with High West Capital Partners.

They are crooks. Plain and simple. Don’t trust them for anything. They owe me $545,000 in commission. I sent them loans, they sent me nothing. This went on for six months when they promised me a lump sum payment with a bonus on top. Boy, was I an idiot. 

I’ve been in this industry for nearly two decades, am a straight talker, I help companies out, so when I got the nod that they could help me with a couple complicated stock-loan transactions, I figured I’d found a way to resolve them and we’d all win. 

Six months later I’m still waiting, and haven’t heard a peep out of these conmen for several months now. I’d beyond angry at this point. They aren’t responding to me, they aren’t responding to my attorney… they better respond to the feds because that is where I am going next. $545,000! And they just don’t care! They are slime. 

I’ve spoken to a few others in our industry who have had the same experience so we’re pooling knowledge and will smoke them out. My life has been turned upside down. Really, it feels like 20 years of hard work down the drain.

If anyone drops High West Capital Partners into conversation, get the heck out of there. Seriously. They are your worst nightmare.”